How to open an account with Kaga Electronics USA, Inc.

There are several ways to purchase product from Kaga Electronics. An indirect method is to purchase through our distributors, see Where to Buy.
You can also purchase product directly from Kaga Electronics USA, Inc. through these methods:

Please select your method for the appropriate instructions and documents

1). Credit Card/Wire transfer
2). Net terms account

1). Credit card/Wire Transfer You can simply pay for your product by credit card or wire transfer. Payment by credit card is normally requested for first time purchases and/or low revenue orders. Subsequent orders can continue to be paid for by credit card or one of the other methods listed above if approved. After coordinating with Kaga Electronics personnel regarding which product you want please perform the following.

1). Send your purchase order by email to Kaga Electronics, stating the part number, quantity, agreed price, delivery/billing address, shipping method, carrier and account number. It is recommended to use your shipping account. We will enter the order and provide you with an order confirmation form to verify.

2). Fill out the “Credit Card” approval form
The above credit card approval form is provided for your protection. This is not required. You can bypass using this credit card form by simply informing us you decline to fill out the credit form. In either case we will call to get the credit card information by phone. Please note: never put your credit card information on a form!! Kaga will then charge your account at the time of order, send you a receipt and ship your product.

Wire payments are handled basically the same as above except credit card form/information is not required and payment is made directly to our bank. Please contact us for banking information, Once the transfer is made, we will then ship your product.

Notes 1). Orders for product over $1500.00 that are not in stock should be paid by wire, ACH or check. 2). Wires or ACH are preferred on larger orders.

2). Net Terms It is often advantageous to have a term account especially for repeat orders. Term accounts are normally net 30 days. You can request a term account with Kaga Electronics only if you have a purchase order placed with Kaga Electronics.

1). Fill out the attached forms and return to Kaga Electronics.

Signed credit application
Current Fiscal Year-end balance sheet Authorization to release information

2). Our accounting department will review the information. More information may be requested if necessary. The credit approval process can take up to two weeks depending on the timeliness of your references replies. Typically, a term of is net 30 days is awarded once completed and approved. Kaga Electronics makes all final decisions about awarding a term account and will inform you in writing the results. Product is shipped on your requested or available date. Payment is expected within the terms allowed you. Please contact us for banking information.