External Adapters

As OEMs recognize the benefits of using external power supplies, Volgen has decided to meet this increasing need by offering a wide range of wall and desktop adapters. These adapters are available in a variety of configurations including single and multiple outputs, from 5 to 250 watts of power, and output voltages from 3 to 50 Volts. Multiple plug configurations also available for applications requiring use in multiple countries. Because external adapters are available in many configurations, please contact us with your requirements. Volgen also welcomes your complete custom design requirements.

KTPS05-05015U-MicroB — 7 Watt

Not Recommended for New Designs


KTPS05-05015U-MicroB is a 7 Watt, Universal Input Wallmount Type Adapter with USB-Micro-B …

KUSB1052 — 10 Watt

Not Recommended for New Designs

REPLACEMENT: KTPS05-0501USB-Multi — 5 Watt

KUSB1052 is a 10 WATT, Universal Input USB Wallmount Type …

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PA1015-SI — Multiplug 15 Watt

Not Recommended for New Designs

PA1015-SI is an 15 WATT, Universal Input, USB Output Wallmount Type Adapter with Interchangeable AC …