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PKF100 100 Watt

PKF100 is a 100W Metal enclosed, single output, compact power supply

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  • No load power consumption <0.5W
  • Withstand 300VA surge input for 5 sec
  • Output Protections: OVP/OLP/SCP/OTP
  • Wide operation temp(-25 C - 70 C)
  • All using 105 C long life electolytic capacitors
  • Universal AC input
Model Output Voltage Output Current Output Power
PKF-100-5 5.0V 20A 100.0W
PKF-100-12 12.0V 8.5A 102.0W
PKF-100-24 24.0V 4.2A 100.8W
PKF-100-48 48.0V 2.2A 105.6W