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HPA65A/C 65 Watt

HBU250 / HEU250 250 Watt

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B3R 3 Watt

SPU50- 50 Watt

DIN75 - 75 Watt

MOF120 - 120 Watt-- Medical

Volgen Brand Power Supplies

Volgen brand power supplies, manufactured by the Kaga Electronics group, have a reputation worldwide for providing compact, extremely high-quality AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, as well as wall mount and desktop adapters.  Our motto, “Quality First” is taken very seriously; we understand that reliability, dependability, support and affordability are the essential reasons engineers and purchasing select our power supplies.

All products come with applicable international safeties to support your offshore needs and covers markets including Communications, Automation, Industrial Control, Medical, and Broadcast and computer related markets as well.  Your custom requirements are welcomed.  Units are designed with flexibility in mind from physical configurations to the providing units with increasing power for your increased power needs.

Simply put the companies we support cannot afford non-functional products! Can anyone?? That’s why the manufacturing process is performed under stringent quality control procedures which result in extremely low returns. We are constantly striving to improve our design and manufacturing processes to offer affordable products without sacrificing quality and reliability.

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