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PNF800 800 Watt

PNF800 is a 800W Metal enclosed, 1U single output power supply with Build in constant current limiting circui

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  • Using ZVS technology to reduce power dissipation
  • Built-in fan speed control and over temp protection
  • Built-in constant current limiting circuit
  • Built-in Remote Sense function
  • Built-in DC OK signal
  • 1U low profile, 41MM Built-in AC inrush current limiting
Model Output Voltage Output Current Output Power
PNF-800-24 24.0V 27.0A/33A 648W792W
PNF-800-27 27.0V 23.0A/29A 621W/783W
PNF-800-48 48.0V 14.0A/16.5A 672W/792W